Temporary Solutions to Emergency Plumbing Situations

The last thing anyone wants to wake up to in the morning, or in the middle of the night, is a leak in a pipe and water all over your house. There are some temporary measures any one can take to slow, or stop, the leak until a plumber can come out to your home.

Shut off the Water

There may be shut offs in different areas of your home, so you could turn off the water to the area of your home where the pipe is leaking. If your home doesn’t have multiple shut offs then you will have to turn off the water to your entire home. By turning off the water the pipes will stop leaking.You need to know where the water shut off is for your home, and preparing for this situation ahead of time will be especially helpful in a time of panic.

Stop the Leak

It may be a couple hours, or even a day, until the plumber can get out to your house and it is less than ideal to have the water to your house completely turned off until then. So how can you fix this? To prepare for this situation you can purchase some putty or plumber’s epoxy from your local hardware store. Once the pipe is completely dry, after shutting off the water, you can squish some putty or epoxy onto the leak. Make sure you spread the putty a couple inches outside of the leak so it seals properly. Ensure the putty dries completely and then you can turn the water back on.

Silence the Noisy Pipes

Sometimes the pipes in your home can bag against each other, and it might keep you up at night. While this problem isn’t necessarily destructive to your home it can be very destructive to your sleep schedule and hinder the amount of sleep you get. To fix this, simply wrap some foam around the pipes. The best temporary solution is to slice a pool noodle length wise and wrap it around the pipe. You can also stuff some old blankets between the pipes to stop them from hitting each other. This is only a temporary solution and you should call a plumber to come out and take a look at it.

In an emergency situation these temporary solutions will solve the problem, and give you some peace of mind but they are only temporary. It is recommended you call a plumber to come out as soon as you possibly can so that the problem can be fixed permanently. To be prepared for this situation it is recommended to have the number of an emergency plumber that you trust on hand so you aren’t frantically searching for one at 3 a.m. when your basement has water in it.