The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

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If you are facing a plumbing situation that you know you just can’t fix yourself, or maybe you just don’t want to tackle it and that is completely acceptable. So you have gone in search of a local fix all guy who says he can do it for a very cheap price, but is it worth it? There are reasons why you should invest the money into a licensed plumber to ensure the job is done correctly and properly. It can be really tempting to cut costs whenever possible, especially when you have a large issue to deal with but for long term benefits you should not cut the cost now as it could end up costing you a lot more time and money than just hiring the right person right now.

Why does a license even matter?

Well, in the plumbing trade, like most trades, there are certain standards and codes that need to be followed to have projects deemed safe and that the job has been done correctly. Having a license requires the plumber to complete a specific numbers of hours as an apprentice and it shows they have the knowledge required in specific areas to be considered a professional in their trade.

Overall the license means the plumber is willing to comply with all standards, safety measures and regulations set forth in the industry. Plumbers who are not licensed may still be using methods or tools that are harmful or may cause future damage.

Is it that big of a deal, really?

Anyone who is unlicensed can probably do a pretty good job of convincing you that they do just as good a job as their licensed counterparts, and they might be right. However you are always better to hire someone who is licensed by a regulatory body that confirms this individual has the necessary skill set.

What’s more is that licensed plumbers are, typically, required to carry their own insurance. This means that if they are injured while in your house you are not liable for this, whereas if the plumber is not licensed and does not have insurance you could be forced to pay those costly medical bills.

Licensed plumbers also tend to have completed more projects than the unlicensed ones so they will have references they can provide you. Perhaps in an emergency situation you won’t have time to worry about reviews and recommendations, but if you know you have to have some work done then you have time to see what they have done before.

Further, cutting costs now might mean you have to have a licensed plumber come out later – potentially at an emergency rate – and have to pay twice for something you would have only have to pay for once had you chosen a licensed plumber first.

What kind of recourse do I have if something goes wrong from using a licensed plumber?

In some cases, if the plumber violates any of the safety regulations or mandatory procedures set for they can be held liable for that. If you select an unlicensed plumber and they use tools that are outdated and something goes wrong down the road you will have zero recourse because they aren’t required to follow those same procedures.

How do I know who to call when I need a plumber?

When it comes to an emergency situation you might be struggling and just want the problem fixed, so you might just choose the first name you see when you search for an emergency plumber.

The solution? Take some time now and research plumbers in your area, get references and rates now and keep the numbers handy so you will know who to call when the situation arises.

Overall, there are benefits to choosing a licensed plumber and there are some drawbacks. The initial investment will be higher to use a licensed plumber, but they are held to a higher standard and they have the experience necessary to show they know this industry and can fix the problem you are experiencing. Your home is the place you rely on to keep you safe from the rest of the world, so do you want to risk the plumbing of that house to a man who only watched some YouTube videos and promises he can do the same job for a third of the price? With this kind of service, like many things in life, you get what you pay for and it’s really important to not trust the plumbing of your home to just anyone.